Aimee Copeland is out of the hospital

Aimee Copeland is out of the hospital

Flesh-eating bacteria survivor is finally back home with her family

I have some truly great news about Aimee Copeland to share: After spending more than three months in the hospital due to a devastating flesh-eating bacteria diagnosis, the 24-year-old Georgia woman is home with her family now.

Anyone who's followed Copeland's harrowing story knows that this young lady is a fighter. Copeland was diagnosed with the rare, flesh-eating disease back in May of 2012. Doctors believe she contracted the infection while zip lining. Now, after multiple operations and months of rehabilitation, Aimee is home and learning to live again.Last week, Aimee Copeland's family picked her up from a rehab center in Georgia and brought her home to Snellville. Aimee survived seemingly insurmountable odds after she developed necrotizing fasciitis. Both of her hands, her right foot and her leg were amputated as a result of the infection. Aimee went through extensive rehab to learn how to live with (and without) her new prosthetic limbs.

Even with the rehab, Aimee Copeland's home needed to be altered. Copeland is in a wheelchair, so wheelchair-accessible features needed to be added, doors needed to be widened and she needed somewhere in the house to exercise. All of this takes major money.

This is where I have even more great news: Thanks to the generosity of a local home builder, and donations totaling $200,000, the Copeland family got everything done for free. Aimee Copeland is an extraordinarily strong woman who has endured so much, and now, at least, her family won't be burdened with the extra expenses.

Best wishes to Aimee Copeland, and here's hoping she's feeling great, and get get back to her life (including graduate school) as soon as possible!