Army veteran runs cross-country to honor America's fallen heroes

Army veteran runs cross-country to honor America's fallen heroes

Mike Ehredt's tribute is beautiful and moving.

In honor of Veterans Day, I thought all of you would appreciate the story of Mike Ehredt. He is an Army veteran who started something called Project America Run. What is he doing? In short, he's jogging around the country in honor of every single American soldier who has died in the war in Afghanistan. Yes, that means thousands of miles and, tragically, thousands of soldiers memorialized.

Mike Ehredt's journey wrapped up on Veterans Day in Texas, but his tribute to America's fallen heroes will forever be remembered.

Back on August 23, 2012, Mike Ehredt set out on his journey. All total, he ran each day from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico, for a total of 2,146 miles. Each mile represented one fallen soldier. And at each mile mark, Ehredt took a small American flag out of a basket, placed it in the ground, gave a salute, and kept going. He stayed with families of some of the soldiers along the way.

Mike Ehredt's Project America Run was a truly beautiful tribute. It also drew attention to the (far too many) soldiers who have died fighting for freedom. Each flag represents a life lost, a family grieving and a soldier remembered forever for the sacrifices they made. When asked why he decided to make his cross-country run, Ehredt said, "I just wanted to do something for them, something genuine and pure that no one would replicate."

At 51-years-old, Mike Ehredt ran an average of 26 miles each day, for 81 straight days. That, friends, is dedication of the highest order. Thank you, sir, for your service to our country and for your genuine efforts to honor the nation's fallen heroes.