Christian Bale makes young cancer patient's dream come true

Christian Bale makes young cancer patient's dream come true

Actor flew the boy and his family to Disneyland for a meeting.

Some celebrities are known for giving generously to good causes, but occasionally, a celeb goes out of his/her way to do something extraordinarily wonderful for someone totally deserving of it. That's exactly what actor Christian Bale did last week. Bale, star of the wildly popular Batman movie trilogy, flew a four-year-old little boy with cancer to California, where he (and his family) enjoyed a day at Disneyland.

Hats off to Christian Bale. In July, Bale visited victims of the horrific Aurora, Colorado, Dark Knight movie theater shooting. He didn't alert the press, and didn't seem to want the media attention. Now, he's gone out of his way to help someone else in need and again, it was low profile.Jayden Barber is a young Ohio boy who has been fighting cancer for more than two years. That's half of his life! Jayden's mom started a Facebook group, Lighting the Batsignal for Jayden, to help her son meet the "real Batman."

Somehow, word got out to Christian Bale about it, and last Wednesday, Jayden and his mother, Charlene Barber, flew to Los Angeles and met with Bale, his wife, and his daughter. Bale paid for the plane tickets and for a lunch at Disneyland's Club 33. Charlene Barber posted photos of Bale posing with Jayden and the entire family on the Facebook group. She says of the experience, "The entire interaction was like old friends having lunch. Jayden did not get star struck but was well aware of who we were with!"

Christian Bale's gesture showed great compassion. It's refreshing to see someone using their celebrity for good. Bale paid for this entire event out of his own pocket, and not only that, he involved his own family as well. Bale played a great Batman on screen, but he's proving to be every bit the true hero in real life.