Dog keeps watch over deceased owner's grave -- for six years

Dog keeps watch over deceased owner's grave -- for six years

Argentinian canine, Capitan, is faithful forever.

If anyone doubts that dogs are truly man's best friend, I have a story for you. Meet Capitan: He's a German Shepherd who loved his owner. That in and of itself isn't particularly unusual. All of us would like to think that our dogs love us unconditionally and will remain loyal to us until the very end. But what about beyond the actual end?

That's where Capitan's story becomes so remarkable! This incredible canine's owner passed away more than six years ago. And every evening since then, Capitan has stayed by the owner's graveside in Argentina, keeping watch, and mourning. It's a heartwarming -- and heartbreaking -- story. It will make you appreciate the love shared between dogs and their owners all the more, I promise.Capitan was adopted by Miguel Guzman in 2005. One year later, Guzman unexpectedly died, and within days, Capitan vanished. The family had no idea what had become of the dog. Within a week after Guzman's funeral, family members were stunned when they arrived at the graveside and spotted Capitan, lying beside Guzman's tombstone!

How on earth did the dog know where his owner was even buried? It's a mystery. Miguel Guzman's son says he's tried to bring Capitan home with him, but despite his best efforts, the dog winds up leaving and going back to Miguel's grave.

For six years now, Miguel Guzman's loyal and gentle companion has watched over him at night. This is one of the most moving stories of unconditional love between animals and humans that I've ever heard! See what I mean about heartwarming and heartbreaking? Dogs are a gift to us, and if you're like me, you're about to stop reading this and go give your four-legged best friend the biggest hug of his life.