Entire town rallies to support bullied teen

Entire town rallies to support bullied teen

Whitney Kropp's homecoming heartache turns into happiness.

I have zero tolerance for bullies of any kind. Sadly, so many horrific bullying stories turn tragic. Not all of them do, however, and this story is one of the "good" ones. When a Michigan teen was bullied horribly by some in her high school class, she was (understandably) devastated. But what followed was an outpouring of support that will warm the heart of anyone.

Remember the name Whitney Kropp, because she's awesome. Also, remember the town of West Branch, Michigan, because it, too, is awesome.High school is a breeding ground, unfortunately, for bullying. Whitney Kropp was the victim of one of the cruelest pranks of all. It almost seems like a movie storyline: Whitney was nominated for homecoming court at Ogemaw Heights, where she's a sophomore student. Of course, the 16-year-old Kropp was thrilled about it -- until she found out that it was all a prank. Her fellow classmates voted for her as a joke.

Just writing this story makes me tear up, to be honest. But now, the truly great news: When the townspeople of West Branch, Michigan, learned what happened, they immediately sprang into action. A "Support Whitney Kropp" Facebook page was launched, and local business owners stepped forward, offering to donate a gorgeous homecoming dress, a free pre-event dinner, and other wonderful things for Whitney.

At last check, the Support Whitney Kropp Facebook page had well over 89,000 likes. Whitney Kropp will attend the Ogemaw Heights High homecoming dance and festivities as a proud member of the homecoming court later this week, and she has thousands of new supporters rooting her on.

Whitney Kropp is fighting back. No longer is she heartbroken and suicidal. She's empowered. And this weekend, Whitney is going to rock a stunning homecoming dance dress and hold her head high. Go Whitney, and go West Branch, Michigan!