Firefighters save couple's elderly cat from house blaze

Firefighters save couple's elderly cat from house blaze

Lucky feline, Tiki Bear, survived.

Cat lovers, this story is for you. This week, a 17-year-old kitty named Tiki Bear was rescued from his owner's burning home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The firemen at the scene bravely fought the blaze, and they still took the time to get this lucky cat out.

Yes, this is great news, but why do I think it's so important? I'll tell you why: Anyone who owns pets needs to have a special sticker or sign on their doors, to let firefighters know they're inside.Two years ago, a close friend of our family had a devastating house fire. He and his wife lost everything they owned in a matter of minutes. The blaze, which broke out at 4 a.m.., started with an electrical problem in one of their cars. It took seconds to ignite the garage, and then the whole home. Thankfully, smoke detectors alerted our friend and they got out in time.

They got out, and then realized that their two cats were still inside. I don't have to tell you, pet lovers, how devastated they were. There is good news: They had a little sticker inside their door, letting firefighters know there were two cats inside. Both were rescued!

I'll get off my soapbox now, but really, make sure you have some way of letting rescue crews know you have pets. It can make all the difference.

Back to Tiki Bear: Dave Adams and his wife's historic home suffered a lot of damage, but firefighters managed to get the elderly cat outside. He was given oxygen and thankfully, he began to breathe! A vet checked Tiki Bear out for smoke inhalation. The sweet kitty is still in intensive care, but she's alive. A special Facebook page was set up to help the owners pay for all of Tiki's medical care, too.

Get well soon, Tiki Bear!