New Orleans eatery feeds the masses, asks little in return

New Orleans eatery feeds the masses, asks little in return

Slim Goodies Diner asks customers to pay what they can.

In the wake of the tragedy that is Hurricane Isaac, many areas in and around New Orleans, Louisiana, are still without power. That includes restaurants and some markets, leaving area residents with few options. Some stocked up with non-perishable food items before Isaac roared ashore, but eventually, those staples will run out. What to do?

That's where the Slim Goodies Diner comes into play. This New Orleans diner and coffee shop, located in an area of the Garden District known as the Irish Channel, is open for business. They're feeding as many people as they can, and only asking that everyone pay whatever they can afford.Hard times can certainly bring out the best in some people, and that's definitely the case with Slim Goodies and it's owner, Kappa Horn. She says feeding everyone in the wake of a big storm has become something of a tradition, adding, "Everyone knows that whenever there’s a storm that Slim's will be open the next day." Slim Goodies also opened really quickly after Hurricane Katrina hit, by the way.

No doubt, everyone who lives in the area and still doesn't have power (and many don't, even five days after the storm), appreciates the fact that there is at least one place they can go to get a hot meal. As for paying, Slim Goodies' Diner is only asking patrons to pay whatever they can, be it a few dollars, or more if they can afford it. Believe me, after days without power, a hot meal of any kind, and especially a good, hot cup of coffee, is worth a mint.

It's great to know that in the face of disaster, local New Orleans business owners go to such great lengths to help their community. This kind of gesture by Slim Goodies' Diner won't soon be forgotten.