NFL cheerleader shaves her head to raise money for cancer research

NFL cheerleader shaves her head to raise money for cancer research

Megan M. says she hopes to "help reach others."

Last Sunday in Lucas Oil Stadium was a special day. Yes, the Indianapolis Colts were playing the Buffalo Bills, but the game almost took a backseat to the actions of one brave cheerleader. Megan M. shaved her head, hoping to raise awareness for cancer research.

The shaving happened in front of 60,000 fans, and proved a poignant and fitting tribute to Colts head coach Chuck 

Have you heard about ChuckStrong? It's an organizational campaign brought about by Indianapolis Colts coach Chuck Pagano's own struggle with leukemia. Money raised via ChuckStrong goes to support research, and so far donations are pouring in left and right.

Now, thanks to brave Colts cheerleader Megan M. (her last name isn't made public), even more people across the country know about ChuckStrong. Megan and fellow Colts cheerleader Crystal Anne shaved their heads during Sunday's game after fans raised $10,000 for cancer research. She said she would do it, the donations eventually exceeded $22,000, and in front of everyone, Megan let the Colts mascot, Blue, do the honors.

The money raised through ChuckStrong will go to help other cancer patients in Indiana, by allowing more research. Hair grows back, and with or without it, Megan M. is a beautiful soul for doing what she did. The Indianapolis Colts organization should be very proud of Megan, because she represents the best of the best.

Megan appeared this week on ABC's Good Morning America, explaining why she made the decision to shave her head, saying:

I’ve had family members and mentors [with cancer] and I volunteer at a local children’s hospital and met little girls who lost their hair and saw the bravery that they possess and it was just something that I wanted to do to help reach others.

If you would like to learn more about ChuckStrong, you can visit the official Indianapolis Colts' official website to make a donation.