Puppies help to save lost boy, keep him warm overnight

Puppies help to save lost boy, keep him warm overnight

10-year-old with Down syndrome is home safe and sound.

I just heard the most incredible dog story, and it happened right here in my home state. I knew I had to share this with everyone, because even now I'm just in awe. Animals never cease to amaze me, and I'm thrilled to tell you this great news.

A little boy in the tiny town of Hackleburg, Alabama went missing near his house earlier this week. A frantic search was launched, and now 10-year-old Kyle Camp is home, safe, with his family again, thanks to the heroic efforts of four puppies.When Kyle Camp vanished from his house on Tuesday afternoon, his family was, understandably, frantic. A massive search ensued, and local TV news crews were called out to cover the story. Everyone was worried. Kyle has Down syndrome, and his brother, father and other relatives were desperate to find him as quickly as possible.

Finally, on Wednesday morning, a searcher found Kyle Camp in a wooded area not too far from his house. He'd spend a long, cold night outside in the elements, but he had some company. While Kyle was waiting for help to arrive, four puppies were with him. Officials believe that the pups helped to keep the boy warm overnight.

See? I told you it was an incredible story! Thank goodness for these adorable puppies, cuddling with this lost, probably terrified little boy until he was rescued. Amazingly, Kyle Camp only had "minor scrapes and bruises" as a result of his ordeal. He's going to be fine, thanks to the efforts of his four four-legged new best friends!