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Donations for bullied bus monitor Karen Klein staggering

Generous outpouring of support

One week ago, I had no idea who Karen Klein was -- but now, everyone knows her. And it seems that everyone wants to help her, too. This 68-year-old grandmother from New York endured unthinkable bullying at the hands of children while working as a school bus monitor. While I realize that bullying happens every single day, seeing it is still incredibly painful.

A video showing a group of kids taunting Karen Klein went viral, and as millions around the world watched in horror, they were also motivated to help. At last check, donations to raise money to send Klein on vacation were well over $600 thousand -- enough for a slew of vacations and, hopefully, enough to allow Ms. Klein to retire. The generosity of perfect strangers is so incredibly heartening, isn't it?

If you haven't seen the video yet, here it is:

Making The Bus Monitor Cry

Tough to watch, isn't it? Devastating really. But this is about great news, not sad news -- and the great news that's come out of this horrible story really is incredible. Everyone is banding together to help Karen Klein retire.
And what of the children who verbally abused Klein on the bus? The 13-year-old boys involved have all apologized for their actions. Hopefully so, but Klein says she thinks the kids can "do better."

Certainly they can. The boys' families are worried because the kids have allegedly gotten death threats. Now, that's NO way to teach them a lesson, is it? This story is about showing compassion for others -- but threatening the teen boys involved doesn't send a good message.

Seeing the incredible outpouring of support for Klein from so many people does send a message. It says that even in a day and age where this kind of horrific bullying exists, a majority of people are still outraged by such behavior. No one should ever have to endure the kind of verbal abuse Karen Klein suffered, but now, at least, she'll have the last laugh -- as she enjoys her golden years in luxury, thanks to the generosity of millions.