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Darth Vader boy is recovering from heart surgery

Max Page, star of Volkswagen's 'The Force' commerical, in good condition

Remember the awesome Volkswagen commercial "The Force?" It's the one where a young boy plays a mini Darth Vader from Star Wars, running around putting the Vader whammy on everything in the house -- and then, with help from his dad, starting a car? This is one of my favorite commercials off all time and last week, I learned that the actor in this spot, Max Page, was about to undergo open heart surgery.

Here's the great news: Page's surgery was a success and he's recovering! Page is only seven years old, but he's already faced a lot of challenges in his young life. His attitude is remarkable and thankfully, the boy we all know and love as Little Vader has cleared another major hurdle.

First, let's all watch "The Force" commercial again, shall we?

The Force: Volkswagen Commercial

Max Page was born with a congenital heart defect. The surgery he had at Los Angeles' Children's Hospital on Thursday was to repair a hole in his heart. Doctors successfully replaced Max's pulmonary valve in a two-hour procedure. He has a long road ahead, with weeks of recovery, but the prognosis is apparently good.

Max Page is already a veteran actor: In addition to his now-famous performance in the Volkswagen "The Force" commercial, he also stars on the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless (as Reed Hellstrom). Max is also a Junior Ambassador for Children's Hospital, helping to raise awareness and money for children who need treatment for heart defects. What would he say to other children who are going through a situation similar to his own? "If you use your force and dream big, you can achieve anything. We may be small but we are mighty."

Small and mighty Max Page, I am thrilled to report, is doing great after his scary ordeal. He'll be hospitalized for several days but then, he'll get to go home to his loving parents and use The Force to help him make a full recovery!