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Six-year-old sells $10K worth of lemonade to help his sick dad

Money will help pay for Drew Cox's father's cancer treatments

When Drew Cox makes up his mind that he wants to help his family, boy does he ever! I love finding great stories, and little Drew's tale fits the bill. This enterprising six-year-old boy found a way to raise money for his father's cancer treatments: He sold lemonade. That in itself is touching, but it's how well this child did with his lemonade sales that will blow your mind.

Drew Cox sold his cups of lemonade for 25 cents each. He raised more than $10,000 in just one day. Yes, you read that correctly: over $10K. Sometimes it's just a matter of getting the story out to the public, isn't it? When people find out what others need, they step up to help. And that is exactly what happened on a recent, beautiful East Texas day.
Drew Cox's father, Randy Cox, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer several months ago. Cancer treatments are incredibly expensive -- even with insurance. Drew knew he wanted to help in some way, doing whatever he could. And what he could do, is make and sell some ice-cold lemonade in his tiny hometown of Gladewater, Texas.

Within a few hours, the lines began to form, as hundreds of residents paid Drew 25 cents for a cup of his lemonade. The crowd continued to grow as word of this young boy's lemonade stand spread and by the end of the day, Drew's family had well over $10,000 to put toward Randy Cox's medical expenses. One donor stepped up big, donating $5,000 to the cause.

Obviously, the family still has expenses, so if you'd like to learn more and possibly donate, you can visit Randy Cox's "Give Forward" page for information.