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Trent Richardson takes leukemia survivor to the prom

Football star steps up and makes Courtney Alvis' prom unforgettable

Sometimes, finding great news to write about is challenging. Sadly, it's a fact that the news headlines are dominated far too often by bad news. Occasionally though, I'll hear about a wonderfully positive news story that's unfolding in my own backyard. When that happens, it makes everything just seem better in the world.

That's exactly what happened here in Alabama: Over the past few weeks, I've heard whispers that the University of Alabama's former star running back, Trent Richardson, was going to take a seriously ill young lady to her high school prom. This past Saturday, Trent did exactly that. The story is a two-hanky one, I warn you -- but it's wonderfully inspiring.

Trent Richardson, for those who don't follow college/pro sports, is considered the best running back in the country, heading into the big NFL draft later this month. Trent was a superstar at the University of Alabama, and a major player in the school's 14th NCAA national championship in 2012. He's also known around these parts to be one of the nicest, most humble people around.

When Trent Richardson got word that Hueytown High School senior Courtney Alvis, a young woman who battled leukemia in recent years, didn't have a date for her prom, he stepped up. On Saturday, April 14, 2012, Richardson accompanied Ms. Alvis to Hueytown's prom, decked out in a white tux with a vest that he matched to Alvis' dress. He even brought her a corsage, met her dad (asking his permission to take Courtney to the dance) and stood proudly by her side as she was crowned Prom Queen. Trent probably had a blast. After all, this was his first prom too!

It's a truly heartwarming story that, thankfully, was picked up by national media over the weekend. ESPN's great video piece on the event is definitely worth watching. You can see the video here. Don't forget, I warned you: have hankies on hand.

Hats off to future NFL star Trent Richardson, for making a wonderful young lady's senior prom all that it should be. Courtney Alvis, by the way, shows no sign of any cancer in her bone marrow (yay!) though she still takes monthly chemo treatments. What a brave young woman and what a generous young man!