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Gorgeous, Sweet Lab Beagles Released in Spain and Headed to California

Dogs had never seen sunlight before

Beware: This good news story will require some Kleenex. Don't say I didn't warn you! It seems about 40 beagles were rescued from Spain where they'd participated in lab testing for years. These dogs were taken in by a California-based rescue group called the Beagle Freedom Project, and many will soon be up for adoption. Some of these sweet beagles lived their entire lives in cages. None have ever been allowed to run free outside. Can you imagine that kind of life for a dog or any other animal? I sure can't. Hats off (and paws up) to the men and women involved in facilitating this wonderful rescue.
And what's even better? This latest rescue, transporting the 40 dogs from Spain to Los Angeles, went down over the long Thanksgiving weekend. These pups no doubt have everything to be thankful for!

Now, I'm going to show you the most heartwrenching, sweet and ultimately uplifting video I've seen all year: A clip of these lucky pups when they were initially removed from the lab facility in Spain. I absolutely dare you not to sniffle and tear up when you see these pups react to seeing the sun, walking slowly out of their cages and taking in everything together.


See? Told you. Amazing, is it not? Beagles, by the way, are very often the breed of choice as lap animals. It's because they are so calm and naturally sweet. I'm so glad this wonderful rescue group was able to take this huge group of lucky pups in and hopefully by Thanksgiving 2012, they'll be enjoying the holidays in their forever homes.