August 2010

What Happens When you Loan Your AMEX Card to A Panhandler

A New York advertising

executive who, having been asked for spare change by a man who had lost his job and then become homeless, loaned her American Express Platinum card to the man. He spent $25.00 on deoderant, water, and cigarettes (after first checking to see if buying cigarettes would be ok with the card owner), then he returned the card to the executive. You can hear the complete story in the video below.

L.A. Asks City to Share the Scraps

When I was in San Francisco, I noticed how many people would share their meals with the homeless. I’m not saying that everyone did, but they sure did more often than what I’ve seen in St. Louis. People would just walk right up to homeless people on the street and hand them their leftovers from restaurants. Sometimes they would even engage in conversation, or remark, “It’s a frittata and waffles, it’s really good!” I was simply amazed at the casual way people simply cared about others. I know where I live, there are many who would scorn, “Don’t encourage them!”