October 2010

The Ozone Layer is Stable!

Most of the stuff we hear about the environment, from melting ice caps to rising sea levels to dwindling polar bear populations, has many of us feeling as if Armageddon is upon us. The religious folks, of course, are ecstatic, and some even want to egg it on, thinking it will bring god on down to the Price is Right planet. But to the rest of us, it’s only a terrifying reality of our own making, and when we hear people like Stephen Hawking say it’s time to make like Wall-E and leave this planet else we become extinct, it’s a cause for sleepless nights.

School Bus Library

             As I was getting ready to eat dinner this evening, I noticed a school bus library parked outside my apartment complex. My apartment managers are the most generous and caring people I know. Since there are many children that live near my complex, a school bus library arrives at the complex every week on a Monday or Tuesday for the children to check out library books on the bus. My apartment managers came up with this thoughtful, amazing idea a few years ago because they thought it would be an excellent idea for the children to have a library come to them. Cool idea or what?