May 2011

The Joys of Being Old and Married... with Children

Okay, I’m not really that old; I’m 28 and my husband will be 30 this year. So I guess we’re really middle-aged or something like that. But we’ve been together for 16 years (it’s no lie, ask him!) so we’re just like any other couple who’s been together into their 40s or 50s, I think. We’re also both the firstborn siblings of three, so we grew up pretty quickly, too.

While we constantly hear about what a drag it is to be older and married and with kids (and it can be; we haven’t had a date in months and I’m dying for one, for sure), the truth is—at least in my own experience—it’s more fun to be married and together for a long time, and especially with kids, who might be difficult at times, but who also provide some of the most fun and memorable moments of your life.