November 2011

Gorgeous, Sweet Lab Beagles Released in Spain and Headed to California

Dogs had never seen sunlight before

Beware: This good news story will require some Kleenex. Don't say I didn't warn you! It seems about 40 beagles were rescued from Spain where they'd participated in lab testing for years. These dogs were taken in by a California-based rescue group called the Beagle Freedom Project, and many will soon be up for adoption. Some of these sweet beagles lived their entire lives in cages. None have ever been allowed to run free outside. Can you imagine that kind of life for a dog or any other animal? I sure can't. Hats off (and paws up) to the men and women involved in facilitating this wonderful rescue.
And what's even better? This latest rescue, transporting the 40 dogs from Spain to Los Angeles, went down over the long Thanksgiving weekend. These pups no doubt have everything to be thankful for!

Cyber Monday kicks off Cyber Week

"Cyber Monday sales have been extended for the week by many of the merchants who want to insure that you are able to get the best deals"

The onset of Cyber Monday has created quite a buzz among the retail business. It is expected that Cyber Monday will only be the start of a fantastic Cyber week that will increase the retail business profits for the year. Black Friday has always been the main stay for that shot in the arm needed for most merchants to help them get over loss of sales during the year but now it looks like Cyber Monday will actually out sell Black Friday.

J.R. Martinez, 'Dancing With the Stars' Champ and... Author? Iraq War Vet's Inspirational Story

Mirror ball trophy winner will tell life story in memoir

Iraq war veteran J.R. Martinez was crowned Dancing With the Stars champion just days ago, and he's taking little time to celebrate. He's already shopping around a new memoir to publishers. With so much interest surrounding the charismatic, 28-year-old Martinez, the timing is perfect for a book.
Apparently, J.R. Martinez began writing the book before his turn on the DWTS ball room floor - so it's ready to go, for the right price. Hopefully he'll get a great deal!

350 Pound Man to Run Marathon

"Bill Jones' story should be an inspiration to us all"

Well, the title is a little bit misleading.  Bill Jones, a Roanoke loan officer, used to bed 350 pounds, but after a praiseworthy loss of an astonishing 150 pounds, he is ready to run the race of his life – the Star City Half Marathon.  At 56 years old, he is no spring chicken, but he has made leaps and bounds toward fitness and health over the past two and one half years.

Justin Timberlake Makes Good on a Promise: Attends Marine Corps Ball

J.T. was extremely "moved" by the experience

When Marine Corp Cpl. Kelsey De Santis invited Justin Timberlake to the 236th Marine Corps Ball earlier this year, she had no idea he'd say "yes." But he did. Now, J.T. is raving about the experience, describing it as "moving" and saying that it was one of the biggest nights of his life!
Timberlake escorted De Santis to the ball and to all of the events surrounding it. Now, he's discussing, in depth, his impressions of the big night on his personal blog. The result? A beautifully written thank you post to Cpl. De Santis and the entire U.S. Armed Forces. Celebrities often make grand gestures as a sort of window dressing - taking time out to do good, but only when it's guaranteed to get them good press. Timberlake's Marine Corps Ball evening definitely got plenty of press, but in his post, he seems genuinely touched by the whole experience.

Hope for the Future: Major Breakthrough in Malaria Research Could Lead to a Vaccine

"Half the world's population does live in areas that are high-risk for malaria."

Researchers believe they've unraveled a major mystery - one that could lead to a vaccine for malaria within a few years. Scientists at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Cambridge, England, have discovered a specific red blood cell molecule that they say is an entry way for the parasite that spreads malaria, a disease for which there is currently no effective treatment. Isolating this molecule could well lead to a vaccine that could, ultimately, eradicate the deadliest form of the mosquito-borne disease that kills an estimated five million people worldwide each year, many of them children in Africa.

What does this mean for us? A lot. A whole lot!

Gumbo, the Game of the Century and Tuscaloosa Tornado Relief

Before the first snap of the epic Alabama-LSU football game (billed as the 'Game of the Century' by some sports experts), fans of both teams plan to come together for a cause each can support: tornado relief. To refresh your memory: Tuscaloosa, Alabama, home of the University of Alabama and the current #2 ranked Crimson Tide football team, was devastated by a killer tornado earlier this year. On April 27, 2011, the massive twister ripped a six-mile path of destruction through the town of 100,000, killing 50+ and gutting thousands of homes and businesses.

Little by little though, the city is coming back. Spirits are sky high at the moment, thanks to college football and, of all things, gumbo! And as a lifelong Tuscaloosa resident, I couldn't be happier about that.

Woman loses 130 pounds after revolutionary surgery


There are people who are able to lose weight once they put their mind to it – they take up diets and work out and get back to fitness. For some people, this is not such an easy feat and it was not, for Holly Matherne. This 39 year old nurse has been on a lifelong combat with obesity since the age of six and says that she has been on every possible diet, nutritionists, has met with a lot of weight trainers and others. While she did lose some weight, it was always much less than what was desired and required and whatever weight she lost, she kept regaining.

Missing Dog Reunited with Owner

In a touching story from Tennessee, Jack Russell terrier Petey was returned home after being missing for three long months.  Owner Jim Arrighi of Erin, Tennessee, left Petey in his yard last July while he went out.  When he came home, Petey was missing and remained that way until just recently when his microchip was scanned all the way up in Rochester Hills, Michigan, which is 20 miles north of Detroit.

A Michigan Humane Society volunteer drove Petey the long way back home to Tennessee, where his owner cried with joy on being reunited with him.