February 2012

Newly Adopted Cat to the Rescue: Saves New Owner's Life

'Pudding' is a heroic feline, no doubt

Cats are said to have nine lives, and when Pudding the cat was adopted recently, he was surely spared from losing one of those lives. The 21 pound bundle of feline goodness hadn't even settled into his new owner's home in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, properly, though, when he performed an act of animal heroism: He saved his new owner's life!

Let's face it, heroic animal stories are great news. And this story is a doozie.

Amazing Survival Story: Swedish Man Survives Two Months Buried in Snow-Covered Car

Peter Skyllberg is expected to recover

In what has got to be one of the most remarkable survival stories I've ever heard about, a man in Sweden actually survived for two months after his car got trapped in the snow. The man's name is Peter Skyllberg, and thankfully, he was rescued on Friday. Great news, yes? I thought so too.

Amazingly, doctors believe he'll recover from his ordeal. How on Earth could anyone survive for two months like this? The answer really surprised me.

Meet Columba Rosaly and Larry Bushnell: Elderly Couple Will Wed This Weekend

They don't speak the same language, unless you count love

Columba Rosaly is 97 years young, and this weekend, she's marrying the man of her dreams: Larry Bushnell is 85 years young. This happiest of couples will say their vows in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Saturday. Today, it's a safe bet they're celebrating a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Columba and Larry met and fell in love in a Charlotte retirement home. Here's the interesting part: She only spoke Spanish and he only spoke English when they began courting! I guess it really is true: Love is the universal language.

British Couple Still Deeply in Love After More Than 80 Years Together

What keeps them so happy?

I am not really a romantic at heart, but sometimes I run across a story that just melts me. The story of Lionel and Ellen Buxton is one of those stories. In a day and age when we're constantly bombarded by some ridiculous celebrity quickie marriage (ahem, Kim Kardashian anyone?), it's refreshing to know that some couples stay together for decades and somehow make things work, no matter what.

You need to know about Lionel and Ellen Buxton, and here's why: These two have been happily married for nearly 82 years. And no, that isn't a typo: They wed on July 18, 1936, and they'll celebrate their 82nd anniversary in 2012. This, to me, represents some truly inspiring, great news.

Lionel and Ellen first met and fell in love in 1930. The Londoners have been going strong ever since. Oh, and did I mention that Ellen is 100 and Lionel is 99 years old?!  This couple has seen it all: wars, depressions and cancer (Ellen had bowel cancer a decade ago). What is their secret?