March 2012

Trio of Brits rack up $100,000 taxi fare for a great cause

Record-setting journey raised substantial amount of money for charity

We've all experienced those dreaded taxi rides where the fare far exceeded our initial estimates. Normally, we're talking about a few dollars here and there, right? Well, I guarantee that none of us have ever racked up the kind of fare that Paul Archer, Leigh Purnell and Johno Ellison did. Ever.

This trio's taxi meter fare was more than $100,000!

Generosity Knows No Bounds: 10-Year-Old Boy Works to Help Tornado Victims

Massachusetts Cub Scout Robert Wolniewicz starts generous "Helping Angel" fund

As someone who, unfortunately, knows all-too-well the heartache and devastation that results when a massive tornado strikes, I'm particularly touched by the uplifting story of Robert Wolniewicz. Robert is only ten years old, but as soon as he learned about the tornadoes that demolished towns in Kentucky and Indiana this month, he sprang into action.

Robert is a Cub Scout, and for a project, he started a fund for victims of the tornadoes, in hopes that anything he could do would help and lend comfort to kids in the aftermath of the disaster.

Scottish Teenager Finds Winning Lottery Ticket in Messy Room

Found the lucky ticket after his mom made him clean up

Remember all those times your mom fussed at you to clean your room? And you did, bedrugingly? I once found like $5 in a pile of laundry in the corner of my messy room, but that's nothing compared to what 19-year-old Ryan Kitching found. The Scotland teen was cleaning up his room when he discovered a winning lottery ticket worth more than $80,000!

Honestly, it makes me almost wish I'd done a more thorough cleaning job on my room all those years ago. Word to the wise, kiddos: Clean your room and do it thoroughly.

Missing Dog Reunited With Owner -- 50 Days After Deadly Car Crash

Meet "Dooley," the miracle dog

Another week, another inspiring animal story, and this one will bring you to tears, so be warned. When Barbara Bagley of Salt Lake City, Utah, was involved in a deadly car crash that claimed the life of her husband and one of her dogs, she had little hope that the second dog, "Dooley," would ever be found.

Hope springs eternal. Dooley is back, more than 50 days after he vanished.