June 2012

Donations for bullied bus monitor Karen Klein staggering

Generous outpouring of support

One week ago, I had no idea who Karen Klein was -- but now, everyone knows her. And it seems that everyone wants to help her, too. This 68-year-old grandmother from New York endured unthinkable bullying at the hands of children while working as a school bus monitor. While I realize that bullying happens every single day, seeing it is still incredibly painful.

A video showing a group of kids taunting Karen Klein went viral, and as millions around the world watched in horror, they were also motivated to help. At last check, donations to raise money to send Klein on vacation were well over $600 thousand -- enough for a slew of vacations and, hopefully, enough to allow Ms. Klein to retire. The generosity of perfect strangers is so incredibly heartening, isn't it?

If you haven't seen the video yet, here it is:

Making The Bus Monitor Cry

Tough to watch, isn't it? Devastating really. But this is about great news, not sad news -- and the great news that's come out of this horrible story really is incredible. Everyone is banding together to help Karen Klein retire.

Darth Vader boy is recovering from heart surgery

Max Page, star of Volkswagen's 'The Force' commerical, in good condition

Remember the awesome Volkswagen commercial "The Force?" It's the one where a young boy plays a mini Darth Vader from Star Wars, running around putting the Vader whammy on everything in the house -- and then, with help from his dad, starting a car? This is one of my favorite commercials off all time and last week, I learned that the actor in this spot, Max Page, was about to undergo open heart surgery.

Here's the great news: Page's surgery was a success and he's recovering! Page is only seven years old, but he's already faced a lot of challenges in his young life. His attitude is remarkable and thankfully, the boy we all know and love as Little Vader has cleared another major hurdle.

First, let's all watch "The Force" commercial again, shall we?

The Force: Volkswagen Commercial

Craigslist helps NYC woman find her lost engagement ring

Good samaritan finds it and returns it.

Anyone who has ever owned a valuable, incredibly sentimental piece of jewelry worries about losing it, me included. Unfortunately, things happen and beautiful rings, necklaces, earrings just get lost. I once lost a diamond earring that belonged to my late mother-in-law and although it wasn't hugely valuable, it had a huge sentimental value to me (and to my husband). Someone found it and returned it to me, and to this day I'm grateful.

Jill Fink, a New York City mom of two, is no doubt even more grateful than I was, after a stranger found her lost engagement ring and returned it -- with help from social media. This story is for those of us who need a little reminder every now and then that yes, there are still good, honest people in this world!

Ohio boy with cerebral palsy runs 400-meter race, cheered by classmates

Matt Woodrum urged on by other fifth graders in touching video.

Have you seen the latest, greatest good news video that's gone viral? I'm talking about the video that shows Ohio fifth grader Matt Woodrum, who has cerebral palsy, finishing a field day race at his school -- with the help and encouragement of his awesome classmates. It's one of the most touching, inspiring videos I've seen in a long time.

In the clip, Matt decides to run a 400-meter race alongside his classmates, despite the fact that he suffers from cerebral palsy. Matt could've sat out but he didn't -- and the result is nothing short of incredible.

Boy Inspires Kids - Kids Inspire Us All (Amazing Finish)