July 2012

South Korean archery Olympian Im Dong-hyun is an athlete to watch

His accuracy is astounding, considering his impaired eyesight

When South Korea's star archery Olympian, Im Dong-Hyun steps up, he does it in a big way. Dong-hyun is incredibly accurate, hitting his target again and again. And at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, he's already making a name for himself around the world.

Im Dong-Hyun isn't just one of the best archery competitors at this year's Olympics -- he's also visually impaired. That's right: Im can barely see the archery target when he draws back his bow. If this story isn't inspiring, I just don't know what is!

Colorado theater shooting heroes risked lives to save others

Out of tragedy, stories of heroic acts emerge.

The horrific mass shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, has no doubt changed all of us in some way. Stories of terror emerge almost hourly, as media outlets cover every angle of the tragedy. Sometimes, out of darkness, comes light: In this case, I'm talking about the many, many heroes from that horrible night -- those who, without a second thought, risked their own lives to save the lives of others.

Making sense of this kind of tragedy is impossible. It's easy to get dragged down, thinking there's just no hope for humanity when things like this happen. That's precisely why I wanted to tell you about some of the incredible, heroic people from that terrifying shooting. Because even in the face of terror that I can't even begin to comprehend, these people put others before themselves. They are brave; they are inspirational. They represent the best of humanity, in my opinion. We should know all of their names as well as we know the shooter's name, at the very least.

Texas man gets prized car back more than 40 years after it was stolen

Robert Russell never stopped looking.

Anyone who has ever been robbed, or had a car stolen, knows that it's a painful experience. If the police don't recover your stolen property pretty quickly, it's almost always lost forever. That was the case for Robert Russell. In 1970, the Philadelphia man's prized 1967 Austin Healy sports car was taken from his house.

Russell never gave up on searching for his car, and his determination finally paid off this year: he has his car back. And how he found it will amaze you.

South African double-amputee Oscar Pistorius will compete in the 2012 London Olympics

So-called "Blade Runner" finally gets his big chance.

Have you heard about Oscar Pistorius? If the name doesn't sound familiar at the moment, sit tight, because it will -- very soon. The 25-year-old Pistorius is a South African runner who will become the first-ever amputee sprinter to compete in the Olympic Games.

Pistorius runs on special carbon fiber blades, having lost both of his legs when he was just a baby. The blades allow Pistorius to run at speeds comparable, or even faster, than most Olympic-caliber track and field athletes. Pistorius' specialty, by the way, is the 400 meters.

Oscar Pistorius - Beyond Reason

Family dog saves little boy from drowning

Toddler's mother believes 'Bear' is a true hero

Anyone who's ever parented a toddler knows that in a fraction of a second, tragedy can strike. If you take your eyes off of the little one for a moment, bad things can happen. A Michigan mother believes that their family dog averted one such tragedy one week ago.

Patricia Drauch says she absolutely thinks that Bear, a four-year-old black Labrador Retriever, helped to save her son from drowning in the family's pool. I've always believed that dogs are incredible animals -- and this story is further proof.