September 2012

Entire town rallies to support bullied teen

Whitney Kropp's homecoming heartache turns into happiness.

I have zero tolerance for bullies of any kind. Sadly, so many horrific bullying stories turn tragic. Not all of them do, however, and this story is one of the "good" ones. When a Michigan teen was bullied horribly by some in her high school class, she was (understandably) devastated. But what followed was an outpouring of support that will warm the heart of anyone.

Remember the name Whitney Kropp, because she's awesome. Also, remember the town of West Branch, Michigan, because it, too, is awesome.

Dog keeps watch over deceased owner's grave -- for six years

Argentinian canine, Capitan, is faithful forever.

If anyone doubts that dogs are truly man's best friend, I have a story for you. Meet Capitan: He's a German Shepherd who loved his owner. That in and of itself isn't particularly unusual. All of us would like to think that our dogs love us unconditionally and will remain loyal to us until the very end. But what about beyond the actual end?

That's where Capitan's story becomes so remarkable! This incredible canine's owner passed away more than six years ago. And every evening since then, Capitan has stayed by the owner's graveside in Argentina, keeping watch, and mourning. It's a heartwarming -- and heartbreaking -- story. It will make you appreciate the love shared between dogs and their owners all the more, I promise.

Christian Bale makes young cancer patient's dream come true

Actor flew the boy and his family to Disneyland for a meeting.

Some celebrities are known for giving generously to good causes, but occasionally, a celeb goes out of his/her way to do something extraordinarily wonderful for someone totally deserving of it. That's exactly what actor Christian Bale did last week. Bale, star of the wildly popular Batman movie trilogy, flew a four-year-old little boy with cancer to California, where he (and his family) enjoyed a day at Disneyland.

Hats off to Christian Bale. In July, Bale visited victims of the horrific Aurora, Colorado, Dark Knight movie theater shooting. He didn't alert the press, and didn't seem to want the media attention. Now, he's gone out of his way to help someone else in need and again, it was low profile.

New Orleans eatery feeds the masses, asks little in return

Slim Goodies Diner asks customers to pay what they can.

In the wake of the tragedy that is Hurricane Isaac, many areas in and around New Orleans, Louisiana, are still without power. That includes restaurants and some markets, leaving area residents with few options. Some stocked up with non-perishable food items before Isaac roared ashore, but eventually, those staples will run out. What to do?

That's where the Slim Goodies Diner comes into play. This New Orleans diner and coffee shop, located in an area of the Garden District known as the Irish Channel, is open for business. They're feeding as many people as they can, and only asking that everyone pay whatever they can afford.