October 2012

Amid the destruction and devastation of Sandy, heroes emerge

Anyone who helps others during these times is a hero.

We all knew that if forecasters were right, parts of the Northeast would be dealt a devastating blow from Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy when it hit earlier this week. Sadly, they were right, and now all up and down the East Coast, people are dealing with the shock that always comes with a natural disaster of this magnitude. In the days to come, we'll likely continue to hear horrific stories of those who survived -- and, sadly, didn't survive -- come to light. In times like this, I try hard to focus on whatever positives I can.

My heart goes out to everyone affected by Sandy. One thing I learned, from surviving and recovering (slowly, ever so slowly) from a massive weather-related disaster is this: Heroes emerge during the most trying of times. We're starting to realize just how many people are willing to do anything and everything to help others, even when faced with a life-threatening storm.

Firefighters save couple's elderly cat from house blaze

Lucky feline, Tiki Bear, survived.

Cat lovers, this story is for you. This week, a 17-year-old kitty named Tiki Bear was rescued from his owner's burning home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The firemen at the scene bravely fought the blaze, and they still took the time to get this lucky cat out.

Yes, this is great news, but why do I think it's so important? I'll tell you why: Anyone who owns pets needs to have a special sticker or sign on their doors, to let firefighters know they're inside.

Puppies help to save lost boy, keep him warm overnight

10-year-old with Down syndrome is home safe and sound.

I just heard the most incredible dog story, and it happened right here in my home state. I knew I had to share this with everyone, because even now I'm just in awe. Animals never cease to amaze me, and I'm thrilled to tell you this great news.

A little boy in the tiny town of Hackleburg, Alabama went missing near his house earlier this week. A frantic search was launched, and now 10-year-old Kyle Camp is home, safe, with his family again, thanks to the heroic efforts of four puppies.

Dog walks miles to see owner in the hospital

Zander goes on an amazing journey.

As most of you know by now, I am a total sucker for a great dog story, and this one definitely qualifies. When Zander the dog's owner was hospitalized, the gorgeous white husky missed him terribly. That's not unusual: Dogs love us unconditionally, and they often miss us terribly when we're gone, even if it's just for a few minutes.

Zander decided he missed his owner so much that he was going to find him. And he did -- two miles away, at the Good Samaritan Medical Center in Islip, New York. If this story isn't a testimony to the overwhelmingly wonderful goodness of dogs, I don't know what is!

TV anchor sounds off after viewer attacks her weight

Jennifer Livingston's passionate and poignant on-air response.

If you didn't know the name Jennifer Livingston before this week, there's a pretty good chance you do now. At the very least, you know her story. No? Allow me to fill you in, because this is an amazing tale.

Jennifer Livingston is a TV news anchor at WKBT-TV in La Crosse, Wisconsin. When a viewer sent in a nasty email criticizing her for being overweight, Livingston fought back, openly addressing the local man who sent in the hurtful comments.