January 2013

Easy service projects for kids

All of these ideas take a few hours or less.

Whether your kids want to give back to the community somehow or you just need to fulfill a social studies requirement, these service projects can be done quickly and cheaply. Most are good for year-round service, too. Pick one and spend your next day off teaching your kiddo how good it feels to volunteer.

Cookies for Service People. Our 4H Club just made two batches of cookies for the local firemen and police officers last night and we will be delivering them this afternoon. The kids made two batches plus a few cards to go with them, which are pretty darn cute. The older girls even drew firemen and police officer “chibi” people.

Blankets for People in Need. Whether it’s a crisis nursery or for homeless people, a blanket and other warmth-producing items are very valuable. You can collect them as a group or even make them. If you make fleece blankets to give to homeless people, be sure that they are dark in color so they don’t stick out. Fleece is a great choice because it doesn’t fray.